Themes for Acrylics

Week 1 and 2
Waterfall Impasto Style
Impasto is working in thick paint creating a texture this will really suit the subject as it will give the effect of depth and movement within the froth of the flowing water, we will be mixing lovely blue and aqua shades for the deeper areas of the water.

Week 3 and 4
Putting simple figure shapes in a woodland landscape
This will be from a photo where I took a picture of my friend and our dog in Bentley woods whilst the blue bells were out. My friend is wearing red wellies and has a red umbrella and the dog is straining at the leash so putting some tension to the image.

Week 5 and 6
Op art
During the 60s era a movement called Op art developed where artists played around with optical illusions to create their images. Two main names were Brigett Riley who worked a lot in black and white and Victor Vasarely who used a lot of colour tones. We will be having fun copying this style.

Week 7 and 8
Viking long boat stylized image
The Viking long boat a beautiful image we will be doing a three quarter view with the sail billowing out and the majestic figure head leading the way, we will be working from a photo and looking to see how we can stylise this image.

Week 9 and 10
Still Life Kitchen Cupboard
It is always good practise to work from life so I’m giving you the opportunity to bring three objects from your kitchen cupboard to arrange a still life for yourself, don’t worry about or try to avoid ellipses or other shapes that’s what I’m here for to help you develop your skills.

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